To be fair, this isn't exclusive to Michael Bay movies. But what films better represent how easily we can be sucked into mindless, fast-paced action than his? Using Bay's 2005 film The Island, researchers at Cornell University have discovered action movies, more so than any other genre, make people fat. 

The team observed college students watching different programs and measured the amount of food they consumed. While watching The Island, the students burned through 98 percent more M&M’s, cookies, carrots, and grapes than those who watched a Charlie Rose interview. Even when the movie was muted students ate 48 percent more than the other group. 

Researchers believe this happens because the quick visual and audio cuts distract viewers from the internal cues telling them they're full. Regardless of what kind of food was in front of them, the guinea pigs kept reaching for it. So it's a bad thing if you're stocked up on processed crap, but you can turn it into a positive if you grab a bunch of veggies. 

Of course, that's about as likely to happen as Michael Bay putting out an art flick. 


[via Co.Exist]