Look at Mark Wahlberg. Though that particular image is a few years old, that's oddly similar to the facial expression I would imagine him having while reading the latest Michael Bay news. According to Bay, there are 14 more Transformers stories written and ready for the cinematic treatment. 14!!!!

Bay made the surprising proclamation that "there are 14 stories written" in an interview with MTV. While this may seem a tad bit exorbitant, just a tad, Transformers is the type of franchise that could actually churn out a billion spin-offs/sequels because they bank a ton of dough, and you don't have to worry about CGI robots getting old, or quitting to go do something "more artistic."

Previously, back in 2015, Hasbro amassed a TV-style writers room to plan the future of the franchise. That room was headed up by Akiva Goldsman, the writer of A Beautiful Mind, which is kind of like the original Transformers if you really think about it.

It was not made clear whether Bay was referring to mere story outlines, or completely finished scripts. Guess we'll figure that out if we all live long enough to see these 14 upcoming films.

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