Prior to the launch of Black Panther in London, Kenyan photographer Osborne Macharia was commissioned by Marvel to create an "exclusive art piece" in conjunction with the film. Macharia created a project titled Ilgelunot, which translated in the Maasai language means "The Chosen One."

The project tells the story of three elders who were saved by T'Chaka during World War II after attempting to seek shelter while venturing across North Africa. The two men and one woman were exposed to Vibranium, which gave them supernatural powers, but left them blind. The elders eventually became the Black Panther's most trusted advisors.

"A proud moment to be part of the most important Afrofuturistic movie in my generation," Macharia said of the opportunity. Take a look at the pieces below.

Black Panther, which already broke the U.K. box office record for most tickets sold in a single day, hit US theaters on Feb. 16. The film, which is set to rake in over $200 million across North America during its opening weekend, is expected to continue breaking boxoffice records.