Information has recently been released in accusation of a long-time Disney theatrical executive, which details instances of inappropriate conduct and an alleged history of lewd behavior. Tom Schumacher, who has worked for Disney since 1988, was previously a top animation executive who worked on some of Disney's most notable titles such as The Lion King and Pocahontas. He is currently the president and producer of Disney Theatrical productions in addition to being the president of the Broadway League. Now, witnesses to Schumacher's inappropriate behavior are coming forward to expose his alleged misconduct, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal

Schumacher's accusers detailed instances dating as far back as the '90s and early 2000s that present a history of sexually explicit comments aimed at his female coworkers, as well as instances involving Schumacher wearing nothing but a bathrobe around the office and repeatedly talking about pornography in the workplace. Additional instances of Schumacher's alleged abuse include the sexual harassment of a former employee, Bruce Williams, as well as racially insensitive remarks that resulted in a separate employee leaving the company with a nondisclosure contract.

The allegations against Schumacher came a day before Disney's latest Broadway adaptation of its massive hit Frozen was set to begin previews. A spokesperson for Disney has commented that the complaints are being "thoroughly investigated" and that the appropriate action is being taken, according to The Daily Beast.

Read the full article detailing the abuse allegations in The Wall Street Journal.