Not everyone was amused by Jamie Foxx’s question-dodging behavior during the NBA’s All-Star weekend. Foxx abruptly ended an on-air interview with ESPN when Sportscenter's Michael Smith asked Foxx an innocuous question about his not-so-secret relationship with actress Katie Holmes. Smith's former co-host, Jemele Hill, thinks Foxx had no right to shut down the interview

“I thought he unnecessarily made Mike look bad," Hill told TMZ. "I thought it was kind of bizarre why he acted that I thought [Jamie's relationship with Katie] was pretty public and that everybody knew, but apparently everybody doesn't know."

Smith asked the actor, who was playing in this year's Celebrity All-Star Game, if he and Holmes played basketball on Valentine's Day, as these photos suggest. The question fueled a somewhat dramatic response from Foxx, who awkwardly removed his headset and microphone before abruptly walking away from the interview to continue his warm-ups.  

Hill and Smith are right to assume that Foxx and Holmes’ relationship would be fair game, after the couple was seen schmoozing at the Grammys last month. Holmes also made an appearance at Foxx’s 50th birthday party in December, after the two were previosuly spotted in Malibu last September.

Honestly, if Foxx and Holmes aren’t dating, why not just debunk the rumor and move on? And if they are indeed dating, what’s the big deal? Sure, everyone deserves a modicum of privacy, but Foxx and Holmes have beein doing the celebrity thing long enough to understand how the game is played. By walking away, Foxx made himself an open target on Twitter.

Instead of walking away, just inform the host that you're not willing to talk about your personal life and move on to questions about how good it would feel to dunk on Justin Bieber.