For better or for worse, Nicolas Cage is one of those indelible Hollywood personalities whose prolific career stands to haunt popular culture for decades to come. Given the proverbial laundry list of titles he has under his belt, one would think the actor may have forgotten a line or two from one of his many projects. Nope, not this Nic.

It would appear that Cage has an elephant-like memory. His Mandy co-star Andrea Riseborough (and her bomb Queen Elizabeth impersonation) put Nick to the test, and the results are way more impressive than this Elvis Presley-meets-John Travolta hairstyle Cage is currently rocking.

From Conair —"Sorry boss, there's only two men I trust: one of them is me, the other is not you"—to Leaving Las Vegas —"I'm in love with you, but be that as it may I'm not here to force my twisted soul into your life"—Cage nails almost all of them. You can watch it above.