While Black Panther is smashing box office numbers during its opening weekend, Build-A-Bear wants you to snuggle up with the Wakandan king.

The company, best known for its customizable cuddly stuffies, is releasing a T'Challa panther (or is it a bear?). The cuddle buddy also dons the legendary bodysuit with hints of vibranium sewed into its fur. It also has a screened photo of Black Panther on its left foot.


This is definitely a smart move for Build-A-Bear as Black Panther continues to rise in popularity. The film is projected to earn over $165 million this weekend, putting it directly into the Marvel Cinematic Universe's upper echelon. It's also broke the U.K. record for most tickets sold in a day in 2018. The soundtrack, Black Panther: The Album, is off to great things as well, as it's slated to earn the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 and is set to be available on vinyl. And it turns out that even race-baiting trolls can't drag down the Panther.

But if you're looking for more outlets to show your love for Black Panther beyond seeing the film, this is definitely one of the many ways to do that. Now we just need the Dora Milaje and Shuri bears, stat. But as we wait for that, the Panther bears are available right now. Snag one for $28 plus tax here.