LegionFX's revolutionary take on a Marvel-based series, broke all boundaries of what it meant to be a superhero show during its eight-episode premiere last year. Fans of this trippy, jagged X-Men spinoff can now get even more hyped for season 2's April premiere by checking out the dope teaser that season one standout Aubrey Plaza just dropped on Twitter.

"I need to remind you, what you think is real... never occurred," Plaza announces in that chillingly calm tone. The teaser pulls a fourth-wall break and has Plaza, who plays "Lenny" in the series, speaking directly to the viewer, trying to convince us that the events of season one were nothing more than projections of our own subconscious. "It's all in your head. You're what we call delusional," she says. Spliced with disturbing frames from the first season, this teaser is exactly what you'd expect out of Legion promotion. 

The last lines of the teaser are enough to peak even the most timid Marvel enthusiast's interest in the series. "What's coming is very, very real, but let's save that for our next season." Set your reminders: The new season of Legion is coming to FX on April 3.