The best art is that which offers a reflection and commentary on humanity. So in the 21st century, it makes sense that technology-themed stories are having an especially big moment. The future is now, and while we don't have everything that pop culture of yesteryear predicted we would by now (see: Back to the Future and flying cars), technological advancement is reshaping our daily lives in ways both minor and drastic.

Television has responded in kind with shows mining all angles: the inherent paranoia and destruction the internet can breed, as seen in Mr. Robot; our dehumanization as a human race that new methods of connecting and advancing influence, per Black Mirror; and, on a lighter note, tech’s affinity for minting a fortune in Silicon Valley.

As it has always been, technology is the future. On the small screen, it’s the here and now. To honor the wonder of tech, and how it’s made our TV-viewing experience that much more enjoyable, we’ve compiled a list of the best tech-based television shows since 2000.