Michael K. Williams, who you may know as Omar from The Wire, says one of his former friends is extorting him for $450,000 and has threatened to drag him in a public legal dispute if he doesn't cough up the cash.

It looks as though the beef began last year, when Michael Kimbrew sued the Brooklyn-born actor, claiming Williams had agreed to partner with him in his production company, entitling Kibrew to a 20% share of all Williams’ revenue. Williams has moved to have the case dismissed, saying Kimbrew’s suit is an attempt “to exploit his one-time friendship” and that “Kimbrew is a one-time driver and ‘hanger-on’ of Williams, who, having had his demands for money repeatedly rejected by Williams, now seeks to extorts hundreds of thousands of dollars from Williams.” For shame.

But that’s not where this mess ends. Williams also says Kimbrew has threatened his accountant on multiple occasions, saying he'll launch a “long drawn out ugly legal battle in the media and in the court system” if his financial demands are not met. I guess there's a downside to being rich and famous. 

Anyway, the case is still ongoing, but I will say it takes some serious cojones to come at the dude who plays Omar Little and the Rikers Island inmate that turns out Riz Ahmed’s character in The Night Of like that. A few words of advice for Kimbrew: “You come at the king, you best not miss."