From pole dancing robots to the world's first robotic citizen Sophia The Robot (who's now kinda BFFs with Chrissy Teigen), realistic and intelligent robots have been taking over the world (though not literally... at least not yet). Now, there are sexual humanoids with personalities and even G-spots. All of it makes you wonder if we're really ready for the future.

In Snoop Dogg's not-so-humble opinion, anyone seriously considering doing the horizontal tango with a sex doll needs a swift reality check. In his latest Instagram video, the Dogg father sounds off on the latest AI trend.

"If another nigga sends me another picture of one of these motherfucking blow up dolls," he chuckles "One of you niggas gon fuck one of them blow-up dolls and try to get that motherfucker pregnant. You insecure, no-game-having motherfucker! Quit sending me pictures of them fuckin' blow-up dolls. I don't give a fuck about how sexy you think the bitch look, that's a fuck doll nigga!"

Snoop ends his rant with a suggestion on how men should be seeking pleasure. "Knock it off and get you a real, bonafide, breathing, bitch."


Despite Snoop's preference for classic romantic relationships with actual women, the future is already coming in full force. Ian Pearson, a futurologist who studies the evolution of technology and humanity, predicts that by 2025, women will have more sex with robots than men. He says enhancement of technology in the sex toy industry, which has been growing by six percent every year, is strong evidence that virtual sex will soon be as prevalent as pornography.

The hotly debated talk about sex dolls has also inspired a wave of memes.

The internet is never outdone.