According to BBC News, a California federal jury ruled in favor of Grumpy Cat and her owners after they filed a lawsuit against U.S. coffee company Grenade for copyright and trademark infringement. 

Back in 2013, Grenade Beverage inked a $150,000 deal with Grumpy Cat Limited, which gave the company the right to use the cat's image on their "Grumppucino" iced drink. 

However, when Grenade started to use Grumpy Cat's face to sell t-shirts, as well as their roasted coffee, a lawsuit was filed for breach of contract in 2015. The coffee company countersued, alleging that Grumpy Cat failed to get the word out on their brand enough through social media and in a television spot. 

Grumpy Cat Limited will receive $710,000 in damages for copyright and trademark infringement, and a $1 nominal damage fee for breach of contract. Word has it that the cat, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, appeared in court once, and only once, during the January trial because—let's be real—these naps aren't going to nap themselves.