Every hero has a breaking point—a moment where he or she must come to terms with the fact that they’ve given all and sacrificed everything in the name of justice.

For Jefferson Pierce, that moment came 12 years ago. Nowadays, he’s known as the kind and respected principal of Garfield High School, but what few people don't realize is that Pierce used to be the crime-fighting vigilante known as Black Lightning. But in order to devote himself to his family, Pierce chose his true identity over his secret one.

But times have changed. Now more than ever, the world needs a hero, and Pierce realizes he has no choice. Black Lightning must rise again.

The new CW series chronicles the amazing return of a DC legend. Backed by the support of his ex-wife and two daughters, Black Lightning is about to show the world that true heroes never retire. The exciting new series premieres tonight at 9/8c only on The CW, and you can get a look at its gripping new trailer in the video above now.