In the wake of recent controversy surrounding Woody Allen and the #MeToo movement, Amazon Studios is reportedly looking to get out of its five-year movie deal with the director. Amazon seems pretty desperate to get out of the deal, despite still being "contractually obligated" to release his upcoming film A Rainy Day in New York, as they are considering a "hefty payout" in order to sever their ties, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Amazon is technically on the hook for three more films after A Rainy Day in New York's release (the studio previously released Allen's film Wonder Wheel in December). With Hollywood's current climate of increased support for sexual assault victims, allegations made by Allen's daughter, Dylan Farrow, that he molested her at age seven have been brought back to light. Even actors like Timotheé Chalamet and Rebecca Hall, who starred in Allen's upcoming film, are denouncing his work and opting to donate their salaries rather than make a profit from the contentious director's movie.

The rising public distaste for the director has left Amazon in an unfortunate legal situation, but it appears that the company's determined to sever all ties with Allen. Despite the studio being pretty much in agreement over the termination of Allen's film deal, it's reported that they won't likely be able to move forward with the decision until Roy Price, the former studio head—who is coincidentally also accused of sexual misconduct—is replaced.