As reports and sexual misconduct accusations continue to unravel during the #MeToo era, one accusation still lingers, as it has for decades. Just last week, Dylan Farrow once again addressed her accusation that her father Woody Allen sexually assaulted her when she was seven. In a video interview she reiterated details from a New York Times blog post she shared back in 2014, and an essay she wrote for the LA Times in December titled “Why Has the #MeToo Revolution Spared Woody Allen?”

According to Screen Crush, it seems like Allen might finally be faced with some kind of retribution. His upcoming film A Rainy Day in New York is set to release later this year through Amazon. Some insiders have revealed that Amazon is reconsidering the deal, explaining “Amazon can definitely afford to eat the cost of that movie.” Others said the company may release a statement saying it doesn't tolerate sexual harassment, in an attempt to quiet the outrage. Apparently if the movie get pulled, the tech giant isn’t concerned about investors suing. “The producers would never sue,” an executive said. “You’d look like a fucking moron if you sue for damages.”

Rebecca Hall, Timothée Chalamet, Griffin Newman, and Selena Gomez have all donated their salaries from the film to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund and other relevant charities in the wake of a swelling backlash against Allen. Other actresses, including former Woody collaborator Mira Sorvino, have publicly denounced the director.

Amazon may still release the film, but without any major promotional backing or a theatrical release. If Amazon’s hesitation to work with Allen is a sign that we are on the precipice of the director's downfall, then the #MeToo movement could be coming to a very symbolic moment. Allen’s son and Farrow’s brother, Ronan Farrow, broke many of the more detailed allegations against Harvey Weinstein back in October.  

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