Despite initial concerns regarding the drop in ticket sales from opening weekend to its second in cinemas, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is still performing remarkably well. Approaching the $1 billion mark in global box office sales, the new film has tipped the current run of new Star Wars films, which started with 2015's $2 billion-grossing The Force Awakens, to over $4 billion in worldwide ticket sales.

It's an impressive landmark for the franchise, but as Deadline points out, the film has set another achievement alongside the new Jumanji reboot. The Last Jedi and the Dwayne Johnson-starring Welcome to the Jungle have pushed domestic box office figures for the year to an estimated $11.11 billion, making it the third-best domestic year ever and the third year in a row that North American ticket sales have ballooned past the $11 billion mark.

2016 is likely to remain the all-time record at least for another year with $11.4 billion, meaning 2017 saw a 2.5 percent drop from the previous year. Jumanji is expected to hit a domestic figure of $185.6 million overall by the end of the weekend, while the latest Star Wars is expected to hit $537 million.

Meanwhile, The Greatest Showman continues to perform well despite its sluggish start, and Pitch Perfect 3 clings onto the third place behind the two recently released juggernauts. The Matt Damon-starring sci-fi comedy Downsizing is struggling out of the gate with only $19.1 million so far, while Ridley Scott's All the Money in the World sits at $14.1 million.