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Harry Potter fans are about to lose their proverbial shit.

Earlier this month, entertainment journalist and editor Anna Klassen’s J.K. Rowling biopic, When Lightning Strikes, earned a top spot on the Black List, an annual roundup of industry approved screenplays that have yet to be produced. When Lightning Strikes was also anointed one of the best spec scripts of the year by the Hit List. Klassen previously gushed about the admirable achievement on Twitter.

And now for the shit-losing part, Klassen, whose work has appeared in Newsweek, Bustle, and The Daily Beast, just posted a photo to Instagram featuring the first page of the coveted and much buzzed about screenplay.

The film details the life of a 25-year-old Joanne Rowling, as she overcomes life’s various obstacles to write Harry Potter and go on to become the highest paid author in the world. As Klassen told, “This script is a story of one woman overcoming unthinkable odds–poverty, domestic abuse, depression–to create something born, miraculously, out of love. It’s a story of redemption and inspiration. It’s a story we desperately need in 2017.”

There’s your strong female lead, Hollywood. Just don’t let Harvey Weinstein or Brett Ratner get their grubby hands on it. Yeah, I said it.

Potter-heads will be excited to learn that the rags-to-riches story also includes insider knowledge and tidbits about the series, like, for example, how the Hogwarts houses were imagined on an airplane vomit bag. Ew, but awesome. Chances are this script won't stay on Hollywood's shelves for long.