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Christmas may be over but the Carter family is still giving us gifts. After Jay Z dropped the "Family Feud" video last night, Beyoncé graced us with behind the scenes photos from the set on her Instagram.

The first set of photos, which can be viewed above, shows Bey looking saintly in the same garb we see her sporting in the video. In one of the slides, she's staring down at Jay Z from the pulpit. In a seemingly out of place fashion, the series ends with a pic of the couple taking a selfie. 

The next slideshow shows Jay and Blue Ivy, clad in church attire, smiling at one other between the wooden pews. 

The photo sequence ends with a few shots of Bey looking heavenly in a short black dress with puffy white shoulder pads, reminiscent of angel wings, that flow down into a train. She also added a shot of her in an all black off-the-shoulder dress, serving religious accessories, and low-key channeling some witch-y vibes. 

There's certainly a number of motifs to be drawn from this. Unfortunately, much like her other posts, Bey didn't caption the photos to give fans a little something extra. However, Ava Duvernay, who directed the music video, shared some tidbits behind her creative process while crafting the music video.

"All families hurt each other. Mistakes are made. Expectations unmet. Jealousies fester," said Duvernay in one of her series of tweets. "In the film, with that family. Being their brilliant, black, brave, bold selves. May we all fortify our families. Our communities. Our society. In whatever ways we can," she later continued.

Tidal subscribers can watch Jay Z's "Family Feud" video here.