Potato chips housed in canisters, arguably humanity's greatest enemy, took quite a blow this week. If your daily routine includes scouring social media for photos of chips, you may have noticed the recent emergence of something called "Prongles," an obvious play on the totally healthy breakfast food known as Pringles.

Despite their promise of providing the comfort of shittiness only flavors like "Salt and Potato" and "Onions and Cream" could provide, Prongles—which boasts one of the best-dressed pigs of all time on its packaging—apparently has absolutely nothing to do with sabotaging your taste buds.

Prongles, according to a Reddit post spotted by Grub Street, recently started showing up at Target. Redditors did some detective work, noting that a label for the Good Crisp Company (Australia's version of Pringles) can be found underneath the Prongles label.


Additionally, "CAH" appears on the well-dressed pig's skateboard. "CAH" is clearly an acronym for Cards Against Humanity, a theory further supported by the fact that the official Prongles website is registered to the same company that makes the beloved party game. Prongles are also reportedly being stocked in the board games section at some Target locations.

Image via originalprongles.com

Cards Against Humanity hasn't issued a statement clarifying or confirming any of this, but it's fairly safe to say they're up to something. A @PronglesChips Twitter account has been sporadically hyping up new "flavors" since September, including Birthday Cake and Shrimp.

Disgusting, but no less intriguing.