Puerto Rico still needs your help. Hurricane Maria left the island without access to clean water or stable electricity, and President Donald Trump and his administration’s response has been insufficient—oh, wait, he did show up to throw some paper towels at people to see if it might help matters, so, you know, he hasn’t done anything.

But nearly three weeks since Hurricane Maria hit, the situation remains dire: Puerto Rico’s government claims over 900 people have died of natural causes after the hurricane. Everyone from Jay Z to Fat Joe to Lin-Manuel Miranda and, now, Moe from The Simpsons​ are banding together to help the fellow Americans in Puerto Rico.

Moe scraped together $25,000 and is donating all of it to Puerto Rico. “And if you’re squirming because you haven’t done anything and these people still don’t have water,” Moe says towards the end of the video, “here’s how you can help.” He lists two social media pages that will help you find ways to donate, namely: @UnicefUSA and Save the Children. You can also tweet with the hashtag #OneAmericaAppeal to held spread the news.

The news of Moe’s efforts reached San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, who has been a total badass in a time of crisis for her city and country. She reached out on Twitter and thanked Moe—really, the animators behind The Simpsons and FOX—for his efforts.

Just let that sink in: a fictional bartender from The Simpsons has been more helpful than the actual president.