Over the last 24 hours, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been on, well, a rampage promoting the upcoming trailer for his next film Rampage on social media.

After dropping the typical series of Instagram posts which show off the movie's poster when pieced together, New Line released the first visuals for the film based off the classic 1980s video game. 

In the first few seconds of the trailer we're introduced to Johnson's character Davis, who admittedly likes to hang out with animals more than people, and a gorilla named George who befriended him at the age of two. Over time, George keeps getting increasingly larger while his demeanor becomes more and more erratic, and it appears genetic editing has played a part in it all. 

To make matters worse, George isn't the only animal to be experiencing this radical change in height and weight. There's also a 30-foot wolf roaming around and wrecking havoc wherever it goes. 

When George and the wolf make their way to Chicago, The Rock is left with no choice but to basically save the world from these two very large animals. Oh and yeah, there's a third threat to humanity: a giant crocodile. 

Rampage hits theaters on April 20, 2018.