At some point every weekend, you can typically expect Donald Trump to begin the day with a tweet storm of propaganda culled from the bowels of Fox News. There’s a good chance these grammatically incorrect missives are being sent from a golf course and punctuated with a catchphrase like “Sad!” or “Fake news.” Sunday, Trump offered more of the same when he came at filmmaker and author Michael Moore with a flurry of insults. In turn, Moore returned fire at Trump’s comb over with a factual takedown that illustrated just how much of a cesspool the White House has become in the last nine months.

“While not at all presidential I must point out that the Sloppy Michael Moore Show on Broadway was a TOTAL BOMB and was forced to close. Sad!” Trump tweeted Saturday afternoon. Trump was referring to Moore’s one-man show, The Terms of My Surrender, which actually closed a week ago. And no, throwing shade at a Broadway show is not at all presidential. But characterizing the normalization of sexual assault as “locker room talk,” calling Nazi’s “very nice people” or throwing paper towels at hurricane-battered citizens aren’t presidential acts either, so that proverbial train has left the station.

One of the problems with getting your news from Sean Hannity’s reruns is that you end up regurgitating flat-out lies. The Terms of My Surrender wasn’t a “total bomb.” According to Variety, the show played to houses that averaged about 98% capacity. Two previews earned $199,041, while other estimates have the show grossing somewhere between $4 and $6 million. The Terms of My Surrender was also a limited, 12-week engagement, so it was scheduled to end last week regardless and never “forced to close.” Facts only.

After Moore dispatched with the basic slander, he went into full “today I got time, cuz” mode by attacking Trump’s numerous failures, cronyism and seemingly purposeful policy attacks on marginalized citizens.

With all of Trumps talk about respecting the troops and the flag, Moore hit Trump with that ether that made his soul burn slow by referencing his overall ignorance about the campaign in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, a federal grand jury is making moves on what most believe to be ties between Trump's administration and their comrades in the Kremlin. Shots fired.

Whether you want to chalk it up to his inexperience and incompetence or purposeful neglect of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, the post-Harvey and Maria situation is inexcusable.

Like many of us, Moore was keenly aware Trump spends way too much time on Twitter. Where is the lie, though?

Moore then unleashed all the petty and brought things full circle. Finish him...

Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don't.

Then Moore starting bringing out more receipts.

And scene. The lesson here, as always, is to choose your opponents carefully. It looks like Trump assumed Moore would be an easy target for his weekly delusional tweetstorm. Then Moore gave him all the bars he could handle with a side of pettiness for entertainment value.