Well guys, it certainly has been awhile since we took stock of the celebrity baby world and figured out which tot ruled them all. Just in case you forgot, when we originally published this ranking in November 2014, North West resoundingly topped the list, followed by Blue Ivy Carter and Prince George. But so much has changed in the last two years.

A lot of new babies have been born, and a lot of former babies have been aged out of the classification. (Reminder: a baby is defined as being zero to three years old.) Goodbye Baby Future! Have fun in preschool, Blue Ivy! See you later Prince George! With so many spots in the Baby Top Ten vacated, and so many newcomers vying for infant glory, we once again crunched the numbers, looked at adorable photos, and unfairly judged celebrity parents. Which babies are running shit in their early years? Which ones have more Instagram followers than God? Which ones appear to be on track to rule the world? Those are the questions we asked ourselves, all to provide you with an updated, definitive list. Without further ado, here are The 2017 Celebrity Baby Power Rankings. 

P.S. Some babies who appeared on the 2016 ranking appear on this version as well; you can see how far they've fallen or how high they've risen in the parentheses next to their names. 

P.P.S. And again, in case it needs to be said, this is all in good fun. We love all babies—even not-famous ones.