I don't know about you, but when I saw Jerry Seinfeld deny Kesha's request for a hug, I got it immediately. If you are a fan of Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm, this shouldn't be a shock. And if Kesha (an actual famous person herself) is as much of a fan as she proclaimed, it's surprising to me that she a) walked up to him like it'd be OK and b) having such a defeated look on. 

During a recent interview with AJ Calloway (yes, THAT AJ Calloway) on Extra, Seinfeld kept it a buck. "I’m 63, I don’t know every pop star… I don’t know everyone." Which, same. Seinfeld goes on to explain that he “was right in the middle of an interview, it was a little off. When you get to be my age and you've done a couple things, you have your own reality, in my reality… I don't hug a total stranger. I have to meet someone, say hello. I gotta start somewhere… hug isn't first moment of a human, two humans. I never did that."

All facts. One has to imagine how if Kesha accepts a hug from every one of her "biggest fans." And if she does—which is very reasonable—that highlights either the generational gap between a Seinfeld and a Kesha, or showcases the phobias and issues Seinfeld might have with human interaction. Either way, this went down exactly how you'd expect, which, is peak-Seinfeld.