On the latest edition of Keeping Up With Kulture, special guest Jonathan Tucker joined us for an intriguing discussion. Tucker, one of the stars of the DirecTV series Kingdom, seemed ecstatic to be here; he told us that his Kingdom co-star Nick Jonas actually put him onto Complex, so that'd make Jonas a friend-of-a-friend of the show? Whatever the case may be, Tucker kept it a buck with us when it came to his craft.

Kingdom, which returns for its third and final season on May 31, 2017, is about a family of MMA fighters, a sport which Tucker said he wasn't really feeling initially. As he learned more about the sport, you could tell he started to appreciate, respect and honor the art of fighting as well as the fighters that mixed it up in the octagon. He even told us about a time when he caught a hard shot during filming.

He says he was "in full mount, and we just had a little miscommunication and his elbow came right on my head." We also learned that Super Glue was used to hold wounds back in World War I, and that's exactly what was used to keep Tucker's head together.

He also spoke on his appearance on the season one episode of Starz's American Gods as Low Key, and working alongside actual prisoners during his scenes, and his time spent working on the upcoming Call of Duty: WWII, which is set to be released in November of 2017.

For more details on Kingdom, head on over to directv.com. And for more from Jonathan Tucker, check out the full interview up above.