When Liam Neeson isn’t too busy seeking revenge on board an airplane, in the streets of Paris, or surrounded by wolves in Alaska, he’s just a regular dude like anyone else. And like any normal chap, Neeson isn’t one to turn down an opportunity for free food. British Columbians are finding that out this week, after the Irish actor surprised them at a sandwich shop in New Westminster.

Employees at Big Star Sandwich started their week off by scribbling “Liam Neeson Eats Here For Free” on an outdoor chalkboard, not expecting anything but a few chuckles from passersby. The joke was whipped up after Big Star workers had heard that the Hollywood star was in town filming a new movie called, Hard Powder - which is obviously a story about a snowplow driver that’s on a mission to hunt down drug dealers who killed his son. Yes, that's actually a movie and not just perfectly crafted Liam Neeson fanfic. Expect Hard Powder when it lands in theatres sometime in 2018.

Big Star’s director of operations told Buzzfeed on Tuesday that his employees were properly shocked by the visit. "We had no idea he would be in our vicinity," Johrden told the media outlet. "I assume someone on the film crew saw the sign and got it back to him." According to the sandwich shop’s crew, Neeson didn’t end up taking them up on their offer due to tight scheduling, but he did stop for an amazing photo. Let’s hope that next time the actor passes by the shop, he’ll be Taken by the delicious scent of fresh grub.