Fact: If you aren't watching VH1's new series The Breaks, you're playing yourself. Not only is it telling a vital story about an intriguing piece of hip-hop history, but it's doing it with a top tier group of talent. After having Sinqua Walls on to talk about joining the cast, the Complex offices were graced by the amazing Afton Williamson, who shined on the TV movie version of The Breaks and continues to slay on the series.

Sadly, all thirsty rappers want to DM Williamson their mixtapes thinking she can get them signed. "When the movie aired last year, I had maybe 250 mixtapes sent to me. This year, it's consistent every episode." After seeing Teyana Taylor play Imani X on the most recent episode, the thirst got way more real.

Outside of confused rappers, Williamson was cryptic on what the future holds for herself and Walls' characters on the show, but she also talks about the strong women who are on the show. "We're all in the industry. I feel like these women would have been the women that would have started all of this."

She also reflects on her time on Nashville, shooting the pilot for The Night Of, and her thoughts on a second season of The Breaks, which moves to 10PM starting Monday, March 13 (after the return of Hip Hop Squares).