Migos' "Bad & Boujee" is proving to be one of the most influential songs of 2017 (and it’s still early!). It’s been all but inescapable in the past few months since its release in October. But it really catapulted into pop culture once Donald Glover praised the track during his acceptance speech for winning Best TV Series for his critical darling, Atlanta, at the Golden Globes where he thanked Migos for creating “the best song ever.” After that the track continued to dominate—becoming certified platinum, gaining the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and spawned tons of “rain drop, drop top” memes that created a cultural phenomenon.

But more than a song, the Atlanta trio captures the definition for hustlin’ divas who have the perfect blend between intelligence, badassery and self-reliance. With Metro Boomin on the production, Migos raps about the classy women (and men) who live lavish but are also not afraid to get down and dirty to fight for what they want. But “bad and boujee” women aren’t only found in Migos’ hit song, but across comic book pages and behind the scenes as well. Similar to the track, comic books star dynamic women like the savage-minded yet stylish Vixen who headlines her own comic and Ayo and Aneka, who are ready to lead a revolution in Marvel’s World of Wakanda. The latter is also written by two black women, Roxane Gay and Yona Harvey, a first for Marvel. For the Whitleys, Hillarys, Fancys and Lisas, here's a list of comic books for the"bad and boujee" to talk about during the next scheduled brunch.