Last summer, the '80s-obsessed, sci-fi loving internets were enamored with Stranger Things, the eight-part series that introduced us to a superpowered girl named Eleven and the Dungeons & Dragons-loving squad who tried to protect her from the suits who were experimenting on her. We've been waiting with baited breath for a release date... and some people are speculating that we just got one.

Today, the official Stranger Things Twitter and Facebook pages posted the below photo, which shows a cryptic weekend weather forecast for Houston, Texas.

— Stranger Things (@Stranger_Things) February 3, 2017

It makes sense when you check out Entertainment Weekly, who released an image from the upcoming Stranger Things season 2 teaser that's set to debut during this Sunday's Super Bowl, which takes place in Houston.

Exclusive: Your first look at @Stranger_Things' SuperBowl ad! THEY'RE BAAAACK #StrangerThings

— Tim Stack (@EWTimStack) February 3, 2017

Yes, that's totally the Stranger Things squad gussied up as the Ghostbusters. But let's go back to that image.

— Stranger Things (@Stranger_Things) February 3, 2017

Now the "11 11" on Sunday makes sense, when you remember that Eleven is one of the illest characters to emerge from the show. But what about the numbers for Friday and Saturday? And who cares about the barometric pressure?

Well, judging by what this one Twitter user deduced, we might have just received the Stranger Things season 2 release date.

@Stranger_Things okay now lets solve this

67-58=9, 50-42=8, and baromatic pressure 30-13=17


— leah (@leahwhodat) February 3, 2017

FAM. Based on that match, we're looking at Sept. 8, 2017, which is a Friday, aka the day Netflix normally drops new series. If this happens? Mind. Blown. Also, Can't Wait. This person isn't the only person coming to this conclusion, either.

@Stranger_Things 9/8/17 IS IT A DATE I WORKED IT OUT ?

— holly (@pitypartyyy) February 3, 2017

@Stranger_Things hold on 2 11 on Sunday, prob trailer 67 - 58 = 9 50 - 42 = 8 barometric pressure 30 - 13 = 17 That is a date 9/8/17 release

— John (@rubik3x3x3) February 3, 2017

@Stranger_Things 9/8/17

— Donovan Crain (@CrainOnTheBrain) February 3, 2017

We'll more than likely find out on Sunday, when the Super Bowl teaser drops. Keep it locked.