Whether you love or hate school, there's nothing more trippy than learning about our planet. The species, the geography and the history—talk about mind blowing. But after you've finished all your David Attenborough, Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson episodes: what's next? Who's the next soothing professor who can teach us about our fascinating planet? Apparently, comedian Demetri Martin thinks he is.

Playing educator and television presenter, Ted Rimmarniet, Martin takes on the role of science writer and award-seeking author on go90's spoof series, Our Fascinating Planet. Adorned in the classic turtleneck and suede jacket, Rimmarniet attempts to explore all the questions about our universe in less than 15 minutes. He talks in a matter of fact tone and is very comfortable lecturing on top of a rock. The only problem is you can't believe anything he says.

Martin's uncanny impersonation of our favorite astronomer, Carl Sagan, takes everything we thought we knew and turns it on its head. From Leonardo da Vinci's painting of the Mona Lisa to the shape of the earth, his explanations are so obscure and hilarious you'll find yourself second guessing everything you thought you once knew. 

So if you don't take your science facts too seriously and enjoy deadpan humor, Our Fascinating Planet may be right up your alley. Watch the latest episode in the clip above.