Before the age of Netflix, many of us Canadians watched standard cable television. It was indeed a nightmarish era, as viewers had to sit through an onslaught of commercials just to get back to their favourite shows. While the vast majority of these advertisements were boring and frustrating, there were a few interstitials that caught our attention. In between these dry product placements, Canadians were also witness to the now-infamous, Heritage Minutes. These were short little documentary clips, which put a spotlight on our often overlooked and underappreciated history. While the Heritage Minutes were quite short, they still managed to make us proud of our country's many accomplishments. After all, who would have known that Canada was responsible for both Superman and Basketball? If you're somehow unfamiliar with the series, here is one of the best Minutes below.

Man, that's some good ol' Canadian nostalgia right there! These classic Heritage Minutes still stick with us after all of these years, and while the stories remain great, it's definitely safe to move on to new editions. Well, because it's 2017 and everything is getting rebooted, Historica Canada is now accepting submissions for brand new episodes. The company behind the franchise has posted a job listing on WorkInCulture, and if you're looking to have your idea land on the small screen, here are some themes the production team would like you to start with.

• Notable women of the 20th century
• Canadian innovation
• Stories of diversity (racial, religious, LGBTQ2S)
• Youth
• Environment

With all of Canada's recent achievements, it'll be truly hard to single out one story. The new Heritage Minutes will come just in time to celebrate the country's 150th birthday, with episodes debuting in October. We know you guys are already hard at work, and we don't want to discourage you, but it'll be hard to top this Minute from last year.