Paris police are not even close to naming a suspect in the terrifying hotel room heist that robbed Kim Kardashian of millions of dollars worth of jewelry and sent her into seclusion for weeks. It has been more than two months since the robbery, and investigators have come up with nothing so far, according to a magazine report. 

Via US Weekly

"Two months on and we're nowhere near finding who the robbers are," a Paris judicial police source tells Us Weekly. "You could call it strange, but actually it can take many months, even years to solve a heist mystery. There's a lot that goes on beyond the initial evidence collecting. ... It can take a long time."

The robbery, which took place in early October, appears to have been thoroughly planned and executed, considering police have previously said the robbers used a tactic called a "double bluff" that involved staging a bicycle crash to throw investigators off their trail. The robbers disguised themselves as police officers before tying up Kardashian at gunpoint. 

Just how organized the thieves really were is unclear, however, since according to one witness account the robbers weren't there for the jewelry they stole (including a ring worth $4.5 million), but were instead expecting to steal cash. Kardashian wasn't seen in public for several weeks following the incident, and when she did she was surrounded by armed guards.

More recently, Kardashian has been dealing with other issues after her husband Kanye West was hospitalized in Los Angeles.