FX, a network that knows a thing or two about routinely delivering the best shows on TV, has finally given Marvel fans a firm premiere date for their X-Men series Legion. The Noah Hawley-created series will kick the first season on Feb. 8 and teases a bit more detail in the latest trailer.

Dan Stevens (Beauty and the Beast) stars as David Haller, a guy who's been placed in a mental health facility for exhibiting signs of schizophrenia. But Haller isn't just "a guy," he also happens to be Professor Xavier's son in the series' source material. Stevens is joined by Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Recreation), Rachel Keller (Supernatural), Jean Smart (Frasier), Bill Irwin (Law & Order: SVU), and Amber Midthunder (Hell or High Water).

Speaking on the "Kubrick-esque" vibes of the series at New York Comic-Con back in October, Hawley said the look and feel of FX's Legion was all instinctual. "You know, I've learned to trust my instincts and I can't explain it rationally, except when I started to think about putting it on its feet, it sort of wanted to feel like a 1964 Terence Stamp movie for some reason," Hawley explained.

Cautious Marvel heads should consider this: As mentioned up top, FX definitely knows how to make really good TV. Also, Hawley is the same dude who flipped the 1996 Coen brothers classic Fargo into an equally classic TV series for (you guessed it!) FX. All signs point to Legion being worth our time.