In the years since Kurt Sutter's Sons of Anarchy called it quits, fans have engaged in a totally understandable amount of speculation about a spin-off. Back in March, FX made the first move by throwing a prospective spin-off into script development. Today, just one week shy of the series finale's second anniversary, the network announced it has ordered a pilot from Sutter and his producing partner Elgin James that would serve as the "next chapter" in the Sons of Anarchy franchise: Mayans MC.

The pilot will be directed by Sutter and is set in a post-Jax Teller universe, centering on a Mayan MC charter prospect named EZ Reyes. As Reyes struggles with thoughts of revenge against a dangerous cartel, he also comes to terms with his "need for respect from the women he loves," which is a direct quote from FX's press release. Sutter and James will co-write the script.

Any involvement from Emilio Rivera, who played Mayans leader Marcus Álvarez on the original series, has not been confirmed. However, dude did post this seemingly related Mayans collage on Instagram last month:

During its seven-year run on FX, Sons of Anarchy was a ratings magnet. Before arriving at a very bloody end in 2014, the series earned the highest-rated season premiere in FX history before breaking its own record just one year later. How will the Sons franchise fare among FX's new school? We'll find out soon enough, as the pilot is scheduled to begin production next March.