It’s the beginning of winter, and not even the good part of winter. It’s that time of year where everything is unfairly cold, and we’re left to sit in our homes debating a trip to Cabo. Thankfully, there’s that totally amazing thing called the winter holidays, and they’re just around the corner.

The holidays may be the only thing salvageable about the winter months. I mean... The frigid weather and shorter days, can make it a little daunting to leave the house and that’s why holiday parties become must-attend events around this time of year.

So, why wait until the last week of December to get into the festive spirit? There is ample time to celebrate, and heck, you should take initiative. Why not plan a holiday party yourself? Not sure what that entails? Fret not, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to make sure your holiday party is as lit as your menorah and Christmas tree.