Steve Bannon, the executive chairman of alt-right platform Breitbart News, has been tapped as President-elect Donald Trump's chief strategist. As noted by the Southern Poverty Law Center, former staffers have accused Bannon of having "aggressively pushed stories against immigrants, and supported linking minorities to terrorism and crime." And now he may be headed for the White House! But Bannon, as Samantha Bee reminded us on Full Frontal, isn't the only cause for grave concern in the President-elect's growing team of deplorables.

"So Donald Trump is assembling a White House staff now that Barack Obama has told him that's a thing that presidents have to do," Bee said Monday. "Okay, Reince Priebus. Establishment Republican. Good fundraiser. If you rearrange his name, it spells Eerie RNC Pubus, but he can't help that. What else? Oh! Trump's populist base hates him! If Trump wants to make an all-out stand, he's going to need an alt-right-hand man." Enter the aforementioned Bannon, who presided over Breitbart when a call to "hoist [the Confederate flag] high and fly it with pride" was published just two weeks after the Charleston massacre.

But the rest of the President-elect's rumored choices aren’t much better. Corey Lewandowski, who briefly served as campaign manager before getting friendly with CNN, has been mentioned. That's terrible news for a wide variety of reasons. Rudy Giuliani? Terrible. Sarah Palin? Also terrible. "Forget it Sarah," Bee said. "You can't hold down a job, unless it's the job of distracting everybody from the more traditionally terrible names on the list."

This "nightmare" of a cabinet list isn't just a liberal's worst-case scenario, Bee explained. This rumored cabinet list full of "misfits, deplorables, zealots, and extremists" is a nightmare for anyone who believes things like experience and actual education matter when leading a country.

Looking for a happy place to retreat to occasionally, in an ill-fated effort to maintain your sanity in the years ahead? Jon Stewart (very briefly) popped in at the end of this Full Frontal with an escapism suggestion: