In case anyone has been living under a rock for the last year and somehow missed it: Lena Dunham really, really likes Hillary Clinton and wants her to be the next president. Dunham has spoken and written about Clinton and promoted her campaign since last year and has now added "rapping" to her pro-Clinton resume. 

In a new Funny or Die video, Dunham tries her hand at rapping for the song "Sensual Pantsuit Anthem," playing on Clinton's signature pantsuit outfits. The video starts with Dunham's pals brunching on mimosas and croissants in some sort of hipster apartment, when Dunham enters, stands in front of her friends, and talks about how she's been "shaken by this election." Dunham's friends suggest she uses her writing, TV show Girls and volunteering to channel her election frustration, but Dunham says she's decided on "rapped music."

The scene then transitions to a music video in which Dunham refers to herself as "MC Pantsuit" and refers to Clinton as "the nation's baddest grandmother." Dunham then "raps" about being upset about sexism leveraged at Clinton, while relying on a reference to Clinton's heels to make her point: "I get upset when people say that Hillary needs to smile / She's a strong ass f*cking person couldn't even walk a mile / in the heels of this woman had to fight / her life defending everything she does to the left and to the right."

Later in the song Dunham takes off her red pantsuit to reveal a "more sensual pantsuit," AKA a halter swimsuit top with a lapel and bottoms with a belt. Dunham raps, "'Cause that's what you do for the candidate you love." Dunham then says to Cynthia Erivo, who also sings in the video to show her sensual pantsuit and Erivo sings back, "No, I'm good." 

Charlamagne the God also appears in the video and raps to Dunham that he doesn't quite understand the logic here (he's not alone). The video ends with a reminder from Charlamagne to vote on November 8.