With the presidential election now just a week away, Trevor Noah used Monday's special Halloween episode of The Daily Show to present the most chilling horror story imaginable: a Trump-helmed America. Should a Trump victory actually find its way into reality, Noah warns that some of our most basic freedoms may be in jeopardy. John Oliver, shown here going full Oliver during a Last Week Tonight taping, even gets arrested solely for being John Oliver.

"Donald Trump has been president for four years, and it has been, like, really bad," the episode's opening moments explained to those tuning in to this dystopian vision for the country. "Picture the worst thing you can think of. It's not that bad, but it's close. Now with only a few days to the election, President Trump is confident he can secure a second term." As part of this theoretical (and terrifying) apocalyptic vision of America, the news cycle is now controlled by the Trump News Network.

But what tipped the election in Trump's favor in this scenario? You guessed it: FBI director James Comey. "Things were going great!" Noah told his audience, reporting live from a secret bunker. "And then the emails. The fucking emails! A week before the election we got sidetracked by those emails and then it turned out there was nothing new! It was 600,000 of Anthony Weiner's dick pics."

Thankfully, John Oliver has already promised to stick around in the event of a Trump presidency. "I'm not going to Canada," Oliver said at the Center for Reproductive Rights gala last week, Salon reported. "Armageddon is not enough to force me up there."