Given the terrifying amount of bad karma associated with torrenting a documentary about climate change, this is some seriously good news. Leonardo DiCaprio, perhaps best known as Earth's leading man, has partnered with National Geographic to offer his new climate change documentary Before the Flood for the torrent-battling price of $0.00.

Before the Flood, directed by Fisher Stevens (Stand Up Guys), centers on DiCaprio's three-year journey to discuss the very real dangers of losing the climate change battle, and includes a selection of world leaders and experts. Speaking with Nicole Barylski ahead of the film's screening at the Hamptons International Film Festival, Stevens detailed exactly how he linked up with DiCaprio for this harrowing and ultimately inspiring look at what must be done to keep our planet as not shitty as possible.

"When Leonardo [DiCaprio] called and asked me to work with him on this, I thought he'd be a great Messenger of Peace, literally, a messenger of climate change and the importance of the issues," Stevens explained. "I thought, why not keep the journey going with another film?" In fact, Stevens noted the pre-election release of the film was a very intentional move.

"I want to keep the message out and I thought Leonardo is the perfect person to take it to the next level to make sure that everybody understands how important this issue is, especially with the election," Stevens told Barylski. "We knew in 2016 there'd be a presidential election because we started this movie three years ago. Our goal was always to get it out before the election."

Peep Before the Flood (for free!) above and then revisit our election survival guide ahead of the big day.