Before Donald Trump had his own NBC show (and wayyy before he was involved in politics), the billionaire real estate mogul made a cameo appearance as himself on a little '90s sitcom starring Will Smith called Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The episode, called "For Sale by Owner," aired in May, 1994.

If you're having trouble remembering that time Trump visited Will and the fam (and made Carlton faint), this video should jog your memory. Warning: there are a lot of references to how rich Donald Trump is. 


Although Trump seemed cool on screen, he was not so cool during the shoot, according to crew members who worked on the episode. A new story in Newsweek detailing the behind-the-scenes stories of Trump's many cameos, including that time he gave Macaulay Culkin directions in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, has the details.

According to a member of the crew—who spoke on condition of anonymity because she fears jeopardizing her current job—Trump threw a small tantrum backstage. He was holding a paper-clipped stack of pages with his lines when he became annoyed about something. He motioned as if to hand them off to Maples and, when she reached for them, threw them all over the floor so the pages went flying.

Gary H. Miller also told the magazine that Trump called him to his dressing room to talk over concerns that his scripted lines weren't funny enough.

"With all due respect," Miller remembers reassuring him, "I would never think of giving you any advice about real estate, because I don't know about real estate. But I do know comedy—and trust me, you'll get a laugh."

The unflattering descriptions of Trump's behavior on other shows come about two weeks after cast and crew from his own series, The Apprentice, told The Associated Press that Trump had made that set uncomfortable with creepy sex talk