Atlanta got on its Chappelle's Show/The Boondocks wave by upping the parody game for episode seven (entitled "B.A.N."), featuring Paper Boi on a show called Montague  on the Black American Network. While the episode itself was left field af, including having Nileseyy Niles in a hilarious trans racial segment, it was the all-too-real commercial parodies that played throughout the episode for Arizona Iced Tea ("the price on the can, though"), Swisher Sweets, and Mickey's Malt Liquor that had Twitter going ham. One of the realest parodies came towards the end of the show, though.

Shilling a cereal called "Coconut Crunchos," this premise is similar to most commercials about cereal: the kids are off in some far away land, finding a perfect breakfast cereal spread laid out in a cavern. Suddenly, a wolf dressed up like a mummy springs out, trying to jack the kids for their cereal, but this time, 5-0 is on the scene and is ready to take this wolf OUT.

This leads to a back-and-forth between the kids and the officer, who's hellbent on sending this wolf to jail (and roughing him up in the process), even though they plead with him to just let him go because, well, it's JUST cereal. They made sure to capture the situation via their smartphones.

Twitter was live and direct with this one, and showed support for the spot-on parody almost immediately.

If anything, Donald Glover proved that Atlanta is must-see TV that's as woke as it is hilarious. If you haven't caught up, do so, ASAP.

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