Alec Baldwin is planning to make Donald Trump's wishes come true one SNL appearance at a time. During a red carpet event, the actor talked about portraying Trump ahead of Saturday Night Live premiere

Baldwin, who recently signed on to imitate the Republican in the show's first episode, says he's dedicating his television performance to the man himself. "That’s what I wanted to do, I wanted to make his wish come true," the 30 Rock actor told Extra on Thursday. "So when they asked me [to portray him], I said, ‘I’m only going to do this for Donald.’ I’m doing it for him." 

While Baldwin may have the Trump look down, he says he's still working on nailing the presidential candidate's mannerisms and voice. "If you know Saturday Night Live, there's plenty of time between now and 11:30 p.m. on Saturday. There's an eternity," he responded when asked if he had mastered the 'art of Trump' yet. 

The actor, who is a die-hard Trump supporter,  also revealed that his skit would be focusing on the "joke version" of the first of three presidential debates. And as for what he thought of the real-life show-down between Trump and Hillary Clinton, he admitted it was definitely a weak moment for the Republican. "I think the debate really, really crippled him," Baldwin said. "If not paying taxes makes you smart, I must be one of the dumbest people in this country." Baldwin ended his interview by striking his signature Trump "fish face." 

Catch Baldwin as the presidential candidate in the season premiere of SNL tonight alongside Ghostbusters' star Kate McKinnon, who will impersonate Clinton.