Suspected candy ass and my best friend Vin Diesel is taking a break from all the candy assery to work on something that I can only describe as extreme personal bait: a procedural drama. The Fast and Furious star will be executive producing First Responders, a show about a Search and Rescue team of young veterans. Variety reports NBC just bought the script and the show is in development via One Race Television, the TV leg of Universal Television and Diesel's own One Race Films, which produced four Fast movies and xXx. Brad Peyton, who directed Fast star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in San Andreas, is on board to direct while Call of Duty writer Jesse Stern is writing, perhaps adding a video game essence to the project. 

First Responders is supposed to be a "dynamic, high-action procedural" (here for it) with a mystery twist about a missing son that the show's married couple protagonists are trying to find (also here for it). As a procedural nut and also a Furious freak, I'm more than giddy about what Diesel is cooking up for NBC. In related news, the action star is dipping his feet in TV hard, also developing a Riddick series through One Race Television. He's not ditching his action film roots though—One Race Films has Fast 8 and xXx: Return of Xander Cage on its slate for next year.