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Simone Missick, the actress who is playing Misty Knight on the highly-anticipated show Luke Cage, has revealed that her character will be a part of another series as well. Missick told TheWrap that she was going to be on the upcoming show The Defenders. The Defenders, which will air in the second half of 2017, is a Marvel superhero mash-up of sorts. It will feature Luke Cage (Mike Colter), Iron Fist (Finn Jones), Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), and Daredevil (Charlie Cox). All of the characters already are, or are soon to be, the stars of their own titular Netflix TV series.

"I believe I’m safe to say that I will be on ‘The Defenders,'" Missick told TheWrap while appearing on their show "Drinking With the Stars." "Spoiler alert! If I lose my job because of this interview, sorry! I was supposed to be on ‘The Defenders,’ until I got fired," she joked.

In the Marvel comic universe, Misty Knight starts off, as she does on Luke Cage, as a New York City police detective. But she loses her right arm due to injury and gets it replaced by a bionic one built by Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man. Robot arm in tow, she starts a private detective agency and begins kicking ass. In the comics, she is romantically linked at various points to both Luke Cage and Iron Fist. 

Luke Cage premieres on Netflix this coming Friday, Sept. 30. You can read the Complex interview with its star Mike Colter here.