SNL comedienne Leslie Jones appeared Sunday evening on the Emmys stage with three stuffy dudes who look like they have zero sense of humor. Well those dudes would be accountants from Ernst & Young, the company that tallies up and protects the award show's results. Jones got real with them on stage, saying, "I've got something for you to protect: my Twitter account!"

The Ghostbusters star had a tumultuous relationship with her Twitter account this summer after a bunch of racist and sexist assholes flooded her mentions with vile tweets (it took Twitter FOREVER to actually do something about it). Just a month after the shitstorm, her website was hacked, resulting in her driver's license, passport, and nude photos getting leaked. 

Jones called out the Ernst & Young dudes for protecting something "nobody is trying to steal" while she was "butt naked on CNN." True as hell, girl. Thankfully, it hasn't deterred her from Twitter altogether because her tweets are too good, like gets-sent-to-Rio-because-she's-so-good-at-live-tweeting good. We don't deserve Leslie Jones and yet.

"I just wanted to feel beautiful. Can't a sister feel beautiful?" she said before she exited the stage with the Ernst & Young accountants on her arms while looking like a goddamn goddess in her blue jumpsuit. 

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