Where were you when Kate Warner tragically fell 12 stories to her death? Probably on your couch or grabbing some clandestine screen time at work. The much more important question is: Where was Eric Warner, Kate’s husband, when all this went down? At some fancy party? Sure – that’s what he wants you to believe. But we want the truth! Yes, we’re talking about ABC’s hit drama Secrets and Lies, which starts its second season this Sunday, 9/25 at 9/8c. With the new season comes a new case for Detective Andrea Cornell (Juliette Lewis), who is going to expose the facts surrounding Kate Warner’s (Jordana Brewster) death – even if it means locking horns with the aforementioned Eric (Michael Ealy). Check out the trailer above, and tune in this Sunday, 9/25 at 9/8c on ABC to see the clues start coming to light.