Sony could be set to release not one, but two new PlayStation 4 models in September, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing unnamed sources within the company. Sony reportedly plans to release a higher-end PlayStation 4 in addition to a slimmer standard model. The company hopes to attract both committed PlayStation fans as well as video game players who are interested in gaming but aren't necessarily hardcore fans, according to the Wall Street Journal

Sony confirmed that it would release a higher end console in June, when the Wall Street Journal reported that the new model would come with faster processing, enhanced graphics, and 4K resolution for PlayStation games. The higher-end model has been code named "Neo," according to Mashable​.

The new standard model PlayStation 4 does not yet have a price tag available to the public, but Damian Thong, an analyst with Macquarie Securities, told the Wall Street Journal that consumers can expect the slimmed-down version to cost less than the current going price of $350. 

European game website Eurogamer reported Monday that the standard model—which in some cases is being referred to as the PlayStation Slim or the PlayStation 4 Slim—was leaked over the weekend. Photos supposedly depicting the new model reveal that the console (if real) is indeed thinner in size that previous models and is designed in matte black.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Sony plans to hold a conference on Sept. 7 at the PlayStation Theater in New York where it will present business related to the PlayStation 4.