Imagine a world where Justin Bieber's Instagram is private, leaving his daily affirmations of Bieberism only viewable by those whose follow request is approved and anyone capable of procuring screenshots. This is not a world in which any of us wants to live and, thankfully, hasn't yet dawned on us as a reality. But Bieber threatened such carnage over the weekend after his fans threw some hate at a bunch of Sofia Richie photos. And now, former (alleged) Bieber flame Hailey Baldwin seems to be employing some shade herself because, hey, why not?

Baldwin hit the 'gram Sunday night with one of those quote posts that would immediately get a non-famous person blocked, asserting that "the truth always come [sic] to light, so it's better just to own it." Shade alert!

Not content with simply letting that 'gram fly, E! News reportedly got some scoop from "a source" about Baldwin's alleged heartbreak. "Hailey is very upset about Justin," the source claimed. "She's sad about him because he's been flaunting around Sofia. She thinks some of the Instagrams he's posted lately with Sofia are pointed and really about Hailey, so it's no surprise she took to Instagram herself to express that." The source added that Baldwin "doesn't know how" to get over Bieber and, on an apparently related note, is not "actual friends" with Sofia.

In the middle of Bieber’s private Instagram threats, Selena Gomez also hopped into the fire and quickly inspired the #SelenaEndedJustinParty with this little gem:

Gomez and Bieber on IG
Image via Instagram


It would appear Baldwin is claiming she wasn't actually Gramming about Bieber, as she apparently responded to news stories about the whole ordeal with another, also vague, social media post.