This is the part of an unstoppable blockbuster's excruciatingly long press cycle wherein the film's stars, presumably bored with everyone's similarly worded questions, really start to let everyone in on the fact that it's all just nonsense. Glorious, clickable nonsense. Suicide Squad arguably reached that crucial point in its press cycle weeks ago, but proof of that moment didn't arrive until Monday. In a loose and hilarious interview with fellow Squad stars Margot Robbie and Karen Fukuhara, Cara Delevingne put her self-described "nipple detector" to the test.

"You know what?" Robbie told Kristien Morato. "Let's just talk about nipples. Forget the movie. Who are we kidding? We weren't going to do a proper interview." Robbie also mentioned a previous interview by Morato, featuring a lengthy but joyful discussion with Alexander Skarsgard about his third nipple:

Evidently feeling a sense of responsibility to the art of amazing interviews, Cara Delevingne promptly stepped in. "I bet anyone that has a t-shirt on, I could find their nipple right away," Delevingne said. "I have like a nipple detector in my mind." To prove it, Delevingne then tested this alleged "nipple detector" on her Squad co-stars and the interviewer:

For more instances of Cara Delevingne generously providing us with examples of rips in the matrix of human existence, peep that time she awesomely destroyed some lames who thought her name was "Carla" and proceeded to tell her to drink a Red Bull:

Suicide Squad, after months and months of headlines about Jared Leto's remarkable gift-giving abilities, hits theaters Friday.