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In the coming hours, you'll likely see one or maybe thirty-three different variations of the narrative "Watch Cara Delevingne Give CRAZY Interview: Was She Hungover?" — which, among other things, absolutely misses the point and practically plays right into the hands of the culturally aloof anchors responsible for the clip above. As anyone with even just a cursory knowledge of press tours will tell you, enduring the questions of anchors and self-proclaimed journalists (particularly low-rent, early morning ones) is a thankless and largely demeaning process. Thankfully, we have Cara Delevingne — always ready to absolutely body anyone using journalistic laziness as a crutch for early morning TV.

The interview starts off innocently (i.e. boringly) enough, though an anchor calling Cara "Carla" provides the first of many face-palms. Immediately, Delevingne takes off the I'm Doing an Interview mask and replaces it with the brazen spirit of a justifiably annoyed human being. Predictably, the anchors' questions are just stupid enough to warrant highly GIFable responses including but most certainly not limited to:

The interview is eventually cut short, with one anchor suggesting Delevingne "take a little nap" and "maybe get a Red Bull." As the feed breaks, Delevingne can be heard saying "Too far" — likely relieved to give such an inane program the abrupt ending it so surely deserved. In short, the bare minimum — i.e. the least you could possibly do — as a news anchor, journalist, et al is look down at your fucking iPhone and google the name of the person with whom you're about to speak. I mean, CARLA Delevingne? CARLA? Furthermore, questions of the "Do you relate to your [name of character]?" variety are eyeroll-inspiring enough the first time someone hears them — so they're most certainly a monumental bore the second, third, and fiftieth time.

Well played, Cara.

UPDATE 07/29/15:

Cara has (briefly) addressed the interview in question, citing the finely tuned art of "sarcasm" as the ultimate culprit. Either way, the folks at Good Day Sacramento are still a bunch of lames: